Verify Smart Contracts

This tutorial only applies NovaScan, as Nova Explorer isn't indexed and does not support smart contracts verification.
NovaScan is our community block explorer, and you can verify your smart contract code with it in order to enable direct access of the contract's functions, straight from the explorer's page. Verifying your contract will earn it a green checkmark badge.

Step 1: Download Ethernal CLI

npm install ethernal -g

Step 2: Verify Your Contract

This needs to be done from the same directory from which you have compiled your contract, containing your .sol file.
You can run the command ethernal verify with the following flags:
{ address }
Deployed contract address on the network.
-- path
{ path }
Path to the Solidity (.sol) file of the compiled contract.
{ slug }
Slug for the explorer. Can't contain spaces.
{ compiler-version }
Compiler version used by the smart contract.
{ contract-name }
Name used on the smart contract.
We have made available a full list of supported compiler versions to make it easier for you to verify your contract. Click here to check it out.
ethernal verify
--address 0x3BbbDA5C690a1b5B3988309EBeDe453e371EC899
--path contracts/ExampleERC20.sol
--slug nova
--compiler v0.8.9+commit.e5eed63a
--name ExampleERC20
Once you have ran the command, you will receive a confirmation message, and your contract will be verified.