Advanced Options

More advanced users can make use and take advantage of Fusion's advanced settings. They can help users to have a better control over their trading slippage, as well as enables more advanced trading features, such as adding a send wallet while swapping assets, and more.

Transaction Settings

Slippage Tolerance

This setting defines the maximum slippage allowed when trading assets. Most assets will do fine with the 0.5% default slippage setting, but some assets - mostly taxed ones - will require a higher slippage limit, which will normally be disclosed by the protocol that controls the asset you are trading. In these cases, you can use the custom slippage field to determine how much slippage to allow. You can also go the other way around, and use a tighter slippage setting to reduce the risk of loss while swapping assets, but be advised that this may result in your trade being front-run or not going through at all.

Transaction Deadline

Defines the maximum amount of time allowed for each transaction before it is reverted.

Interface Settings

Expert Mode

You can enable the Expert Mode to have access to more advanced features while trading and using the Fusion protocol. We do not recommend the usage of the expert mode for most users.

Dark Mode

Switches between the light and dark modes to better suit the user theme preferences.