Farm Pool Listing

Projects can bid to have farm pools setup on Fusion to drive liquidity and enhance the use-case portfolio of their own tokens. This feature is not available in our native network, where you will only be able to access pools with our official tokens.

How does it work?

When we create a farm pool for a partner project, their token is paired with SNT and users can deposit their NLT tokens for the SNT-XXX pair, to be rewarded SNT for the duration of the pool.
We do not allow distribution of rewards in any other token but SNT.

Listing Costs

Because we distribute our own tokens as rewards to the listing projects' communities, we need to ensure buyback power, risk mitigation, and sustainability to our own token holders. With that in mind, we have created a listing scheme with different tiers, to suit different sized projects, with different base-costs.
Listing Tier
Cost in USD
SNT Ratio
Luminous Red Nova
SNT Ratio concerns the amount of SNT that will be allocated to the farm, compared to the total USD cost of the setup.

Payment & Accepted Tokens

SNT is our primary and preferred payment token. Alternatively you can pay with nUSD, USDC, DAI, and USDT.

Pool Duration & APY

The pool duration and APR will be directly determined by the Listing Tier you chose, the amount of SNT per week you want to be distributed to pool participants, and the amount of participants in the pool. Lower issuances will guarantee a longer duration for the pool, and fewer participants will also lead to higher APRs. Your project will be responsible for analysing and deciding what will suit best for you, but we have set some minimum requirements that all projects have to abide by:
  • The maximum weekly issuance cannot be higher than 25% of the total tokens allocated to the pool, thus ensuring a minimum duration of 4 weeks.
  • We require a minimum of 25 active participants before the end of the first week and continuously after that, until the end of the farm. If this requirement is not met, we might decide to close off the pool.
  • A minimum of USD 10,000 equivalent in liquidity for the NLT pair on Fusion.
  • The pairing tokens needs to be whitelisted on Fusion prior to the farm application.

Availability and Timeframes

There are no technical limit to the amount of active pools we can have at once. It will be our individual analysis of your project that will determine if your request will be approved or not. We also have no set timeframe for listing, but normally it shouldn't take longer than two weeks after the payment is received for your farm pool to become available to users.

How to apply?

You can either send us an email or get in contact directly with the development and/or support team via our community channels, preferably our Discord Server.

Common Questions

Can I distribute my own tokens to users as farm rewards?

No. We only issue SNT in our farm pools.

Can I set a specific APR for my farm?

No. The APR is dynamic and will change depending on the amount of users, your set weekly issuance, and the amount of tokens allocated to your pool.

Can I set a specific time/duration for my farm?

Yes. The duration depends on your issuance and SNT allocation. For example, if you have an allocation of SNT 1,000 and wants the farm to issue SNT 250 per week, all you need to do to determine its duration, is to divide your allocation by your issuance, which in this case will be four weeks (1,000 / 250 = 4).

Can I pay the listing costs with my own token?

Normally the answer to that is no. We might accept it on a case-by-case basis, depending on your project's history, available liquidity on chain, amount of users, how supportive you have been of Nova Network and its ecosystem, etc. In any case, if we accept payment in your own token, you can expect it to be swapped over to SNT or sold on the market for a minimum equivalent to the SNT ratio corresponding to your listing tier.