Decentralised Exchange

Our Decentralised Exchange allows users to exchange and swap officially supported assets, as well as wrap and unwrap SNT and WSNT on Nova Network. Users can also add and trade custom assets with backed liquidity using their smart contract addresses. It is also compatible with Nebula Testnet, allowing users to trade and wrap/unwrap NBX, Ethereum Classic, and Fantom Opera.
It imports the Automated Market Making mechanism, which determines the trading price using the pooled ratio of the two different assets being swapped, the same as you see in other big decentralised exchanges such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

Integrated Aggregator

The integrated aggregator is only available on Fantom Opera.
What is unique about Fusion's exchange is that we have built in an aggregator option to it, allowing the protocol to divert trades to other liquidity protocols on chain in order to execute trades when no local liquidity is available.