Farms & LP Mining

Once users have pooled their liquidity and received their NLTs, users can further deposit these tokens into a farm - when available - to boost their yielding and rewards for liquidity providing in the protocol.

What are farms?

The term might seem outlandish to those with a non-crypto background, but in very simple terms, a farm is nothing more than a rewarding pool for liquidity providers, where users can deposit their Nova Liquidity Tokens (NLTs) and be rewarded for that.
It differs from single-sided staking because it requires a liquidity token - in this case NLTs - which by nature will require the user to hold a pair of tokens pooled together for liquidity providing in Fusion, rather than holding a single token and being rewarded for locking their holdings for a pre-determined period time, as it happens with staking.

Depositing and Liquidity Management

With their NLT tokens in hand, users can simply use the UI to deposit these tokens and take part on farming the rewards offered by the protocol.
Once deposited, users will be able to manage their participation using the specific farm dashboard. The key information displayed are:
Total Deposits. Which are the total amount of deposits of the specific farms by all users participating in the protocol.
Pool Rate. Displaying the amount of reward tokens that are distributed to the farm participants on a pre-defined period of time. This number is approximate.
Your Liquidity Deposits. Which shows the amount of NLT tokens the liquidity provider have deposited into the farm.
Your Unclaimed Rewards. Showing the amount of rewards outstanding that can be immediately claimed by the liquidity provider.
Rewards Ratio. Displaying the amount of user-specific rewards, based on the global amount of tokens being distributed as rewards proportional to the liquidity provider's NLT deposit size.

Withdrawing and Claiming

Users can use the Withdraw button to claim all pending rewards and withdraw all NLT tokens that have been previously deposited into the farm, or use the Claim button to claim the outstanding rewards without withdrawing the deposited NLT tokens.