Non-Fungible Tokens

Nova Network

We have decided to go a step further and implement ways for users to manage their non-fungible assets on Nova Network without having to leave Fusion.
Aside from being able to visualise their assets, users will also see a Transfer button below each one of their NFTs that allows them to transfer a specific asset to another compatible wallet.

Syncing New Collections

Because Fusion uses its own bespoke indexer, users can sync - or add - new NFT smart contracts on their own, by using the button Sync New Collection. The process might take a while at first, but once a new collection is synced, that collection will become available to all other users of Fusion or any other protocol that users our official indexer on their own platforms.
The NFTs option is not available on Nebula Testnet.

Fantom Opera

The NFT option on Fantom Opera will simply redirect you to our bespoke NFT marketplace on that Network, Opera House. There you can manage, market, buy, and create NFTs seamlessly.