Fusion API

Fusion API is a powerful tool that can be used by other projects to integrate with Fusion or fetch data about its trading pairs.
This API only fetches data from Nova Network mainnet, and we do not intend to expand and offer support for any other networks.
You can use the public endpoint below to call the API functions:
Fair usage policies apply, and if the application you are building requires more than 5 calls per second, please talk to us so we can provide you with a dedicated endpoint that will be compatible with your needs.

API Endpoints

Use the endpoints below to query data from the API. The response is in json format, and you can click on the specific endpoint to read more about it.
Details the assets available for trade in the exchange.
Market statistics for traded pairs in the last 24 hours.
Market trade depth for a specific pair.
Details historical trading data for a specific pair.
Details the current supply information of SNT.