Fusion is Nova Network's official DeFi protocol. It is comprised of a full range of tools that allow users to manage they digital assets on Nova Network, Nebula Testnet, and Fantom Opera.
The protocol is decentralised, permissionless, and do not require KYC. It magnifies the use-cases of Nova Network and SNT while offering ways for developers to interact with our bespoke indexer and other products and services. It is also a powerful and professional-looking tool for on-chain portfolio management, that can be seamlessly used by novice and advanced investors and traders.

Some features and options might change or not be at all available depending which network you are connecting to.
Fusion brings an array of different features that helps users on managing their digital assets' portfolio on Nova Network, Nebula Testnet, and Fantom Opera.

More advanced users can make use and take advantage of Fusion's advanced settings and modules.

Fusion Router: 0xb2a89c56538f56999332d7e046b82b6ad43aac81 Fusion Factory: 0x9550b0c83AD5a58898cD4267987Af67e7E52bF55 Fusion Multicall: 0x7A5a7579eb8DdEd352848cFDD0a5530C4e56FF7f Fusion Farms: 0x00501ed66d67b1127809e54395f064e256b75b23
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