Tokens Whitelist

Disclaimer: We do not take any responsibility for any tokens traded on Fusion, even those whitelisted. We do our best to ensure the safety of our community, but by nature, this is a goal that is impossible to achieve at its full extent with a decentralised platform. All users have to do their own research and trade at their own risk.
We welcome legitimate projects to have their ERC20 tokens whitelisted on Fusion. Having your token whitelisted comes with a range of benefits, including a seal of trustworthiness and the ready availability of your project's token to be traded by users of our platform.

What does it mean being whitelisted?

In short, it means having your token listed amongst the official list of supported tokens by Fusion. The main benefits of being whitelisted are:
  • Your token will be listed in our official tokens list.
  • Your logo will be displayed beside your token.
  • Users feel more comfortable on trading whitelisted tokens.
  • It is easier for users to find your token while trading.

Costs and Requirements

Having your token whitelisted is free of charge. If you have been asked any type of payment or compensation for whitelisting, you are probably being targeted by scammers. With that said, we have strict requirements that a project has to fulfill for us to accept a whitelisting request. These requirements are further explained below.

Liquidity Pool

The token needs to be paired and have an active liquidity pool on Fusion. The following tokens are acceptable as pairs, and any others will not be considered for the purposes of a whitelisting application: SNT, ETH, BNB, FTM, USDC, USDT, DAI.

Liquidity Requirement

The token pair will have to hold a minimum of USD 10,000 equivalent in liquidity - half on each token - at all times. If the liquidity ever falls below this threshold, we might consider removing your token from the whitelist either temporarily or permanently.

Seniority Requirement

Projects will have to be live for at least 30 days before whitelisting consideration by the Fusion team. This requirement may be waived for well established protocols in other networks forking over.

Liquidity Aggregating Listing

Fusion can also list tokens with no liquidity pooled in its own protocol. This is possible because Fusion features a proprietary aggregation mechanism that looks for liquidity across multiple protocols while processing a trade, and are able to complete such trade even if there's no local liquidity available.

Listing Via Governance Pool

All liquidity aggregating listings have to be voted for, in a governance pool. Our governance framework gives right to the community for the creation of such pools, and any proposal that passes will be attended by our team if the pair meets the minimum whitelisting requirements.

Whitelisting Requirements

The listing will have to pass on a governance voting pool, and meet all the same requirements outlined above for regular listings, with the exception that the liquidity may be pooled in any other compatible third-party AMM in the same network.

Listing Refusal

If the pair doesn't meet the minimum requirements, we may refuse to list it. This decision will be communicated to the community via our official announcement channels, with a clear explanation as for the reasons why.

Availability and Timeframes

There is no maximum amount of tokens that can be whitelisted, so there will always be available spots for new projects to take their place on the list. With that said, our team has no set timeframe to approve or decline an application, as well as to list the approved tokens and make them available in our live platform. The processing time of an application will depend on the availability of our development team.

How to request whitelisting?

As of now you can either send us an email or get in contact directly with the development and/or support team via our community channels, preferably our Discord Server.