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Innovation & Infrastructure

The Innovation & Infrastructure program aims to promote the development and deployment of innovative and new platforms that do not have a direct competitor already present in the network, as well as basic infrastructure, such as APIs and indexers.
Forks of platforms such as Uniswap or Pancakeswap will not be considered. To have a better understanding of our ecosystem and what market niches already have platforms deployed, visit our ecosystem page.

Who can apply?

Anyone wanting to develop a new platform or a new piece of infrastructure that meets the criteria are eligible, and we also welcome existing platforms in other networks interested in integrating with Nova Network.

How to apply?

You can apply via our Official Application Form, that can also be accessed directly via our documents library. Applications submitted by any other means will be immediately dismissed.

What are we looking for?

Right now we are keen on onboarding new and innovative community-driven platforms, such as lending protocols, yield aggregators, NFT applications, or unique services not available elsewhere. The best port of call for you to have a quick assessment if your idea and/or platform is within the scope of what we're looking to sponsor with our grants program, is to reach out directly to one of our team members.