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Native Liquidity

The Native Liquidity program aims to provide tradeable token liquidity for the deployment and kickstart of ERC20 Tokens on the Nova Network, either with SNT to NUSD.
In this program, Nova Network will be the owner of the liquidity being pooled and all the fees generated by this liquidity providing service. For the completion of this service to ensure, the Applicant (your project) must supply the counterparty liquidity in their desired project's token, which will be non-refundable.
We will only approve submissions where we feel comfortable with the economics of the proposal, specially in what concerns:
  • The amount of tokens being requested, either in SNT or NUSD;
  • The amount of your own tokens that will remain in your possession after the pooling, and how you intend to use those funds;
  • The community token distribution - the more decentralised, the grater your chances of having your request approved;
  • The minting mechanism - capped or fixed supply tokens are preferred;
Other factors that will have a strong impact in our decision:
  • The project behind the token;
  • Your plan on how to raise your own liquidity after the program expire;
  • The size of and how active is your community - if any;
  • Your project's roadmap;
  • The amount of publicly available information about you, your team members, and your project;

Who can apply?

Any projects deployed on Nova Network that do not yet have a publicly traded ERC20 token. If your project has already launched a token and you're after funds to bolster your existing liquidity pools, a better option for you is our Continuous Development program.

How to apply?

You can apply via our Official Application Form, that can also be accessed directly via our documents library. Applications submitted by any other means will be immediately dismissed.