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Nebula Testnet

Nebula Testnet is one of our two public ledgers, and is a risk-free environment where developers can build and test their applications. It uses Nebula X (NBX) as its native currency, and users can acquire NBX for free on a public faucet, or using our official testnet faucet in our Discord Server.

Nebula X (NBX)

Nebula X or NBX is the native currency of Nebula Testnet. We decided to give it its own currency, as in all truth, Nebula Testnet is an entirely different network, and we have plans to make it develop its own community and ecosystem with time.
There were 10,000,000 (10 million) pre-mined NBX, and they all went to various faucet wallets and projects building on Nebula Testnet to deploy on Nova Network.

Features & Information

The deployed and publicly available ledger leverages on a stable iteration of Nova Network, albeit not necessarily the last available version. Nebula Testnet is built mostly for development and testing purposes, and developers can expect similar behaviour and response from both Nebula Testnet and Nova Network, with very few nuances. Both networks also present the user with the same features for software development purposes.

Nodes and Infrastructure

As of today, most nodes and the only Validator signing transactions on Nebula Testnet are controlled by Nova Network Inc., but it its infrastructure is open to anyone wanting to help on maintaining it by setting up a full node or a validator.

Speed and Consistency

For the most part, you can expect the same speed and consistency you see on Nova Network, on Nebula Testnet, but given the considerably lower computing power, resources, and number of nodes and validators present on the testnet, it might, from time to time, experience lower performance than the mainnet.

Need lots of NBX?

If the available faucets won't suffice your need for NBX, please get in touch with our support team so we can arrange larger amounts of NBX to be transferred to you.

Deploying Compatible Platforms

We always incentivise developers to build their platforms offering compatibility with Nebula Testnet alongside Nova Network, as it enables other developers to run tests and leverage on existing platforms while developing their own. Please don't shy away of offering support for Nebula Testnet on your application, and please reach out to our support team if you need help doing so.

How to connect?

You can find information about how to connect to Nebula Testnet in our Wallet Setup page.